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What is Salespota all about?

Salespota is your online & mobile sales assistant, who helps you find the sale you want, when you want them. In addition Salespota will identify and locate sales of your favourite brands at your closest shopping centre or even in your suburb.

How can I offer a sale from my business on Salespota?

It's easy, all you need to do is sign up as a business and follow the steps by completing the registration form, your profile and adding all your stores to your business profile. Once this process has been completed, you can add sale and allocate stores to your sale and upload your sale on

How do I use my Salespota sales assistant?

Once you have registered with Salespota, you are able access Salespota's massive sales database and use the dynamic search engine to find the sales you really want and need. When you find a sale you are interested in, you can either print the sale information or mail it to yourself with two easy clicks.

Can I buy the a sale on Salespota?

At the moment, Salespota is only offering a service to both the consumer and the seller. Salespota offers the consumer information and access to the sales they want when they want them, while offering the seller access to Salespota's fabulous community of shoppers. In the near future, Salespota will offer special sales and other opportunities to the community that can be purchased or won on the website, so watch this space! :)

What happens if the merchant goes out of business?

If a merchant goes out of business and you are unable to purchase the sale, unfortunately the sale will no longer be available.

How do I find the available sales on Salespota?

Subscribe to Salespota or click on the "Sales" link and get started! It is that easy. You can use the search engine to refine your search. If you want sales you are interested in to be e-mailed to you when you are not online, then fill out your "interest" section in your profile and when sales become available that match your interests then an email will be sent to you.

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